Saved from Jaws of Lenders, NY Daily News, October 2nd 2007
Members of Emma Robinson's family thought they had finally laid down roots - including an apple tree they planted in memory of their dead 3-year-old grandson.
But nine years after they moved into their three-story house in Olinville, the bank is threatening to take their home away.
Last week, five generations of Robinsons, ages 1 to 86, were at risk of joining the more than 14,500 other families in the city whose homes were foreclosed over the past year, many because of subprime mortgage lending.
But a last-minute call to the Homeowners Help Center on White Plains Road and a fast restructuring of their loan canceled the auction of the Robinsons house just hours before it was scheduled at the Bronx County Courthouse. "I can sleep tonight," Robinson, 61, said the day the auction was canceled. "With God's help, we made it."

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